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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Enable Compiz Fusion on Fedora 12 | Ranjith Siji | Programming the Web

Enable Compiz Fusion on Fedora 12 | Ranjith Siji | Programming the Web: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

HowTo: Get your HD graphics card running at 1920x1280, and with compiz enabling the 3d graphics effects.

HDTV's are now the same price as an LCD monitor, and things are only going to get better. There is no way computer monitors are going to match the volume pricing of HDTV's.

But now, you have to get a graphics card to output to this resolution, and it might as well play games...I'm to boring to play games much, but I like the 3D desktop workspace flipping, so away we go.

Above is the best guide I've found to get compiz running for ATI cards. One post said the same commands worked on FC13, but that wasn't the case for me running ATI 5770. You need to be upstream to FC12, and some posts mention FC12 works with this, but I don't know.

After the install steps above, I set Compiz for 3d workspaces, and it worked fast.

VNC is another matter. At this point, I gave up, and run vnc windows through other accounts and kvm/'s. Any changes to disable compiz from the vnc window affect the account, and thus when you login it is different. A session change to metacity crashed in glibx.

There are plenty of ongoing bugs on this, but basically shipping graphics accelerated effects across a network isn't worth the trouble. I would rather have seperate profiles not on account, but seperate to VNC or operating of a connected display...

The compiz settings for just this were simple:

But you lose the open window icons on the bottom bar:)

There are several options, but window launcher lets me see all the windows on all workspaces, and pick one from any of the workspaces.
Right click on the bottom bar, and add Window Launcher to the panel.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Booting Windows XP from raw disk with Linux KVM |

Booting Windows XP from raw disk with Linux KVM | "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

HowTo dual boot, and virtualize windows using a linux host.
(It's free now) There are several methods described, most of which give up, and create a vmdk image.

The trick that worked, is to install a dual boot linux drive. Point KVM to that drive, not the partition, and away you go.

Success in booting, without the fixntldr.iso.

1) Activation problem.
2) Use of native hardware, so we can boot using the new hardware.
3) Use compviz 3D windows to switch between machines.
4) Use virt-manager to run the show.

Running Windows on Fedora Using KVM Virtualization - Techotopia

Running Windows on Fedora Using KVM Virtualization - Techotopia: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

There are several methods for doing this, and the following is the most current.

su -
yum install kvm qemu virt-manager
init 6

Thursday, June 10, 2010

HowTo Build Development + Gaming Rig

The Boxes arrive, does it work?

Parts can be DOA, not work together. Returns have time limits, and building the final system into a case can be a waste of time if something doesn't work. Instead, build the rig up from the motherboard and power supply on a table, save all the packaging for RMA.

Cases provide airflow, cooling, and prevent damage to parts. Put an external fan on the board, or only use it for short periods of time. We show that at the end, but for those who don't read everything, like us....use a cheap external fan on the board.

HowTo Buy a 5 year PC - Once You Know, You Newegg

5 years ago, we built the last PC, buying cpu, board, memory from Fry's Electronics.

I use it for software development, my kids use it for gaming, er homework...And this year it is obsolete...Hard Disks are SATA. CPU's have 6 cores now. USB is now version 3.0. Had to buy a new hard disk, and the power comes on intermittently.

Actually games are slow, and for a project I had a dual socket 4 core I7 server with 6GB SATA and it was really fast...

First rule: Everything changes.
- Developers no longer have fast computers, Gamers do...
- Old people have computers, PC's, desktops, etc. Gamers build Rigs...
- Gamers are building rigs 24/7.

For this build, we will do it on There are other online retailers, but they are the easiest to find parts to build systems, er rigs...

The following public wishlist is the result of this build. The details of how each was picked will follow.

The Public Wishlist - Once You Know, You Newegg